Setouchi Triennale 2016

Inujima performing Arts Program 

Kazuhisa Uchihashi 

Inujima Sound Project

“Inuto Imago”

Aug.22th – Sept.4th 2016

inuto mago

Kazuhisha Uchihashi | Rully Shabara | Wukir Suryadi | Iman Jimbot

Inuto Imago

Concept: Kazuhisa Uchihashi
Live House ”Inuto Imago” Construction: Taruto Shirafuji
Produce & Production Management : Akane Nakamura, Yoko Kawasaki (SAYATEI), Mihoka Kawamura, Hikaru Tsuchiya,
Megumi Mizuno
Production support: Artfarm Non-Political Origaization
Sound support: Prosound, Inc.
Advertising design: Ikuya Shigezane
Supported by The Japan Foundation Asia Center
Sponsored by Roland Corporation
Presented by precog, Fukutake Foundation
Co-presented by Setouchi Triennale Executive Committee

It was held at Inujima island Japan as an experimental / improvise music and workshop program. Inuto Imago was such an interesting event for me, since we stay with all the organizer and the artists under the same roof. So we was experience a bit of daily Japanese life in such a very small island, it only took less than an hour to go around the island, and it’s has around 40 residents, senior residents actually. To me it feels like stay at some kind a ninja village or something kind of Oshin film set 🙂 .

The first week was quite hard for us especially me and jimbot that came from Bandung Indonesia with bit colder weather  (it was hot summer in Japan). But I think its also quiete hard for Rully and Wukir of “SENYAWA” that came from another their international tour, from the State. Because they have to catch their breath for the first concert, it was the very first day we came to the island, the first concert begun, right after Rully and Wukir came. And  they  already runing out of clove cigarette ( yup…four of us are chains smoking people ). But lucky us Kazu ( Kazuhisa Uchihashi ) as the brain behind the Inuto Imago already think about it, he brought some Indonesian clove ciggarets for us. Another things that make the first week was feeling hard is. one more thing thats kinda hard for us (, but it can be means good too) is the “discipline” ( think we just don’t used to it in our everyday life). We have to eat at the exact time everyday. Eat together with all the organizer and workshop participans, even some times we are not yet hungry. But we have to eat at that time, since we can’t get food from some other place. The closest convenience store can be more than one hour  accros the sea at the main land. The good foods was made by the old ladies who lives at the island, such a kind …very…very kind of old ladies, we missed the all actually, we wish we can talk more with the, but the language was quite a barrier. After the first week we became more adapt to the island and the event program it self, and the weather also became bit nicer ( when the typhoon not around ).

Samm Bennet (US/JP)
Isabelle Duthoit (FR)
Masaharu Sato (JP)
Koichi Makigami (JP)
Hannoda Taku (JP)
Yumiko Tanaka (JP)


Back to Inuto Imago, the performance was held alomost everyday, exept Tuesday ( it’s the day off for the island) at the temporary building called “Live House”( it’s even have such a nice small cafe at the front of the building ) started from 5pm. And the workshop was started from 10 am. Kazu, Rully and Wukir (MAHANYAWA) was the tutor for the workshop, Kazu teach about a unique instrument called Daxophone, Rully with the vocal exploration and Wukir build sound instruments from the scratch by unique materials around the island…interesting!.

We have some guests artist in almost every day performance. And it was improvise kind of concert so everyday always different music and moods. At one day can be mellow, the next day can be bravely percussive, noisy, abstract, trance or sometime all mixed together at the same time…what an amazing concert!.

Jimbot with his simple gamelan ( bonang ) setup, kendang ( Sundanese drum ), Kecapi (Sundanese zither ), Suling ( Sundanese flute ) . some other toys and sometimes his vocalizing thing, talk to Kazu with his daxaphone and his custom guitar, Wukir with his Bambu Wukir and some other self custom built instrument and Rully with his wide range unique vocalizing technique, in very diverse emotional kind of sound and sometimes musical too. And the guest artists was add some spice up to the music to the broader perspective,” It’s coverage local, international, and traditional – avant garde of two archipelago Indonesia and Japan at the same time”, said Akane the producer of Inuto Imago.

One day before the last day of the concert, we had a  show case of the workshop participants and the old ladies sing some Inujima’s themes songs. And the next day after the last concert end, we had kinda farewell party. We have alot of drink and food and the most important thing we had such a good time. Even we was bit worried because we heard that thypoon was coming some times around that night. But in the end ,the party was manage to survive till the end, perfect !.

The next day the carpenters teared down the “Live House” and put everything back as it was before Inuto Imago start. Such a momorable thing. I think Kazu rather preserve it in our mind than a physical thing, so when we back home to our own places, we bring and have some of the memory with us for good, even for the resident of the Inujima Island especially the old ladies that have been involved to the project, very nice people who work at the cafe, workshop participants and people who came to the concert.

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